Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28


  1. Smoke

    The memory
    of her is more
    one can bear

    Chain smoking
    With a cloud
    of smoke

    about five feet
    from the ground

    Like smog floating
    up from the valley

    Showing the level of
    car exhaust
    to meet the clouds

    slowly choking the trees
    and the animals and most
    importantly, you and me

  2. Smoking

    I was destined
    to smoke
    or at least

    be interested
    in smoking

    Dad smoked

    when I rode
    with him
    in his pickup

    he smoked his pipe
    cracking his window

    I still breathed it in

    I resisted
    I wasn’t
    really interested

    but when I was sixteen
    I had lost weight and

    cigarettes took the place of food