Friday, February 5, 2016

February 5


  1. Fantasy Girl

    Eighteen and hungry for her love
    I looked into her baby blue eyes
    And was lost at sea with her on
    the sand as I remember those eyes
    with the ocean backing her beauty
    with the long blond hair waving in
    the breeze
    As I said, the snapshot of her
    smiling at me and talking to me
    being a lost soul just bumming at
    the beach trying to meet some friends
    She just looked at me and smiled with
    the pearly whites, and the seashore
    making her eyes look bluer than the
    ocean make this girl my friend in
    my memory forever
    holding a conversation with her was
    difficult with not much to say knowing
    she was young and we were both in the
    afternoon sun at Newport Beach. I wanted
    to hang out with her and I told her so,
    as she got up without a word and started
    to walk. I could barely keep up with her
    pace as I trailed her bikini bottoms like
    a lonely puppy dog. We walked and walked
    which seemed like forever wondering when
    she was going to stop as she did not
    speak another word. I just kept on
    following her. We must have gone
    thirty blocks before we stopped
    at a beach house along the
    She with those baby blues
    and me with those wandering eyes
    hungry for her love expecting,
    anticipating nothing but a maybe
    nothing but a kiss and a hug maybe
    I still wish to this day we could
    have made something of it
    Me, starving and searching and her
    speeding down the sidewalk with me
    just barely keeping up with those
    swaying hips
    Until we got to a destination
    a quaint beach house along
    the sidewalk looking out over
    the beach
    The lady of the house asked
    her if I was another boy
    and said, "Where did you
    catch this one at"
    She just smiled and said
    "Down by the pier"
    I felt out of place as if
    I had walked two miles to
    be left with nothing but
    a house with a woman and
    a very uncomfortable welcome
    It felt so awkward as if I
    was a lonely shark beached
    on the couch waiting for
    something other than what
    I had in store
    An uncomfortable feeling
    not being friends and
    outstaying my welcome
    feeling betrayed i made
    my way back to where I
    Along the lifeguard station
    where I had met her
    with her long flowing
    hair and her
    smile kissing
    the backdrop
    of the ocean
    piercing me with those baby
    blue eyes
    My fantasy girl
    Gone forever
    Down by the seashore

  2. fresh raked sand
    plunge feet in with each step
    cool on the bare feet

    enveloped in
    morning fog - distant splash
    hidden waves

    water splash my feet
    new sun warm my back
    plunge in