Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6


  1. Mom trudged us
    all down to the
    public pool to

    give us all
    swimming lessons
    I was five

    we were going to
    spend the summer
    at Redondo Beach

    spend every day
    at the beach I had
    no fear of the water

    and we spent the
    Summer, every day
    on the beach

    deepening my
    love of the water
    and the beauty of the beach

  2. Floating on my Back

    When I first learned
    To float on my back
    My dad had a hold of me

    By my shoulders supporting
    And telling me to fill my
    lungs with air to keep afloat

    He said he would be there
    And never leave as I tried
    Floating on my back with his

    Encouragement until I looked
    up and saw he wasn't there to
    keep me up from sinking down

    I was doing it all on my own
    His tricking me was his life
    lesson to tell me he was always

    Going to be there even when later
    in life he was not going to be alive
    but was with me and guiding me

    And holding me while really I would
    Have to be going through life by myself
    Without him, but thinking he is with me