Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7


  1. even as the water
    dripped down my face
    as the pastor pulled

    me up from the water
    I never understood
    the power of symbolism

    the water, or even the act
    didn’t save me, it was
    just an act of agreement

    just a demonstration
    and a reason to
    dip myself in water

  2. Baptism by water

    A friend of mine
    Use to always be
    trying to convert
    me religiously as
    I would not accept
    the invitation or
    appreciate his
    always talking
    about his faith
    When I feel the
    Spirit is some
    thing personal
    and shouldn't be
    forced or coerced
    but be a more
    natural approach

    His constant badgering
    did not welcome me to
    his religion but I always
    remember one morning when
    it was misty and mildly
    raining with sprinkling
    on my face and the top of
    my head, when he said
    You look like you are
    getting baptized by
    water as I looked up
    and felt the rain on
    my face dripping
    from my nose into
    my mouth

    I never forgot his
    constant encouragement
    and never was to get use
    to his faithful pestering
    But I always will remember
    my first baptism by water
    coming from the skies and
    symbolizing the water being
    sprinkled on me as if from
    God Himself as my friend
    never realized the bit
    of spirituality that
    was given to me on
    that misty morning