Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8


  1. To Build A Fire

    It was camping
    With my dad
    lessons on how

    To build a fire
    You first get
    some pieces of

    Wood and crinkle
    up some paper
    building a small

    Teepee around the
    wad of paper
    as you light it

    blowing on the
    sparks to fan the
    flame and ignite

    To start the fire
    small at first
    as you add more

    And more kindling
    and larger pieces
    of wood until

    You have a blazing
    fire adding
    more and more wood

  2. paper airplanes would
    be all lined up
    on the coffee table

    a fleet of sleek
    jets and floating
    gliders all in rows

    I’d open the fireplace
    screen, light the gas
    burner, then with my fleet

    glide each plane in
    watch them burst in flames
    as they touched the flame jets