Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 9


  1. 2,000 fires started that day I got lost near the Elephants Back, I could see a mountain but where’s Elephants Back. I got thrown off by a 50 yard wide stretch of snow. So I wandered cross country because I didn’t know much then. And I started following a fisherman’s trail that ran the length of a stream and it came to a lake that was a mile round and on the other side was a horsewoman grooming her horse. I asked her where I was and she told me but I didn’t believe her. I didn’t know much then. Except there was one thing I did know. I used to carry a half pint of milk and some cookies. When I got lost I would sit down and have something to eat. Philosophize about being lost. It’s a pretty good jag, sitting down and thinking ruefully. June 21, 2008. The sky turned dark black and there was lightning and fire everywhere for the entire length of California. The reason there are no really old cabins? They all burn down.

  2. Firebug

    he showed me how to
    start a field fire

    take a match
    out of a book

    slip it into the heads
    get a pile of dry grass

    light the match, it
    gives you time to

    get away before the
    book bursts into flames

    He was the one who burnt
    the High School library

    dropped in through
    the skylight

    I’m not one for book burning
    but I’m also not a snitch