Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1

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  1. The trip to Montana

    When I was eighteen
    My dad paid for me
    to go on a trip
    to Montana

    The trip
    was the historical
    travel of the
    expedition Lewis and
    Clark took when they
    were appointed by
    President Jefferson
    to explore the route
    of westward expansion

    The trip was the most
    memorable experience
    of my life as well as
    informative to the history
    and the kayaking rivers of
    Montana, Wyoming and Idaho

    We kayaked ten rivers of the
    westward explorers of the
    Louisiana Purchase which
    was bought from France for
    the real estate for little
    to nothing. The expedition
    met resistance with some
    Native American encounters
    But they had a secret weapon
    A guide who was also a Native
    named Sacajawea which saved
    them from being killed and
    paved the way for exploration

    My guide was my dad's football
    coach, Ortmyer, who was a friend
    and now mentor of mine and was the
    main reason I believe my dad wanted
    me to take the trip.

    Being a school class for history
    and physical education, I received
    five units that cost $800. dollars
    in tuition. My dad did not go on the
    trip but had his own Alumni experience
    following ours which lasted a month

    The trip was an adventure and
    one my dad wanted me to go on
    I did not hesitate when I was
    told I could go. The fact my
    dad was taking the same trip
    every Summer for years in the
    past made him want me to have
    the growth and excitement also
    and the time with Ort made it
    all the more reason to attend