Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2

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  1. My getting ready to go

    I had to pack
    for one month
    and take as
    little as

    Since there was a
    dozen of us going
    We all piled into
    two vans and headed
    for the border at
    Las Vegas for the
    start of our travels

    Ort and I had to familiarize
    me with the Kayak in the backyard
    swimming pool
    Teaching me to paddle forward and
    backward with turning and learning
    how to bail out if it turns over
    There was one other trick to do
    instead of getting all wet which
    is to roll the kayak upright from
    the upside down position in one
    fluid motion called "the Eskimo roll"

    Ort encouraged and taught me well
    It was a fast lesson and none to
    soon since the trip was less than
    two days away. The act of learning
    to Kayak is like learning to ride
    a bicycle for the first time. Once
    you learn to do it, you never forget
    Ort made it easy, since he was a
    good instructor and was a coach.
    I would be learning from him
    throughout the time in Montana
    as well as influencing me in life

    The fact my dad admired him as a
    football coach and as a mentor
    He was delighted to see me go
    being with Ort and having his
    lifelong friend rub off on me
    because of his positive
    attitude and being a great

    I never did thank my dad
    for the trip
    But the whole
    reason for going
    was for the fact
    I was young and
    did not have any
    direction in life
    and the whole time
    of being with Ort
    was like my dad's
    spirit was with me
    as Ort was leading
    giving me the
    influence my
    dad admired

    Basically, I did not
    think too much about
    going other than just
    picking up and leaving
    The most I did to get
    prepared, was to pack
    and get trained with a
    kayak from Orland Ortmyer