Friday, March 25, 2016

March 25

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  1. This is what came to me just now. But I must add that I feel fortunate for so much that is available in this city: friends, the arts, abundant opportunities for free expression(!), the chance to own a home...the list is very long.

    Transparency (of a Sort) in Riverside, CA

    This murky air, my New York friend would say,
    is air to trust. She claims suspicion of anything
    she cannot see. She would find comfort here,
    the smog blown in from L.A., and the way mountain
    and high hills trap the tinted air for us.
    There is honesty in the air. No suspiciously
    vague safety labels, no pretense that it’s healthy in the long run.
    But who can deny air keeps us alive--for now. It’s not
    like a gust of wind blowing dust that could scratch
    the eye and make you weep, not the every-day air.
    Your lungs might feel it, some, but in a way, this air’s
    a rebel among those people and things proliferating
    in our time that pretend to be better or more than they are.