Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26

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  1. we are fighting about the benefits of
    country living
    outside on the patio of this cafe
    on a big street in hollywood.
    you are trying to speak softly because we
    are surrounded by hipsters with dogs
    and cellphones. you talk about the values of rural quiet, while
    a garbage truck groans, screeches, slams down cans
    and two french guys behind me talk in their language
    in loud voices that I understand exactly
    from the time I lived in Montpellier and eavesdropped
    all the time from loneliness because you were in
    New York practicing
    they say: "this bullshit of asking how are
    you? and the answer always fine don't worry don't worry
    but you should worry i am so worried."
    and you say i am so worried people can hear us and I say
    no one is fucking listening. no one cares
    because we are old and we aren't actors and that's
    the beauty of it. we can say anything.
    one hipster pats another hipster's dog
    and the french guys are still talking about
    being worried. and you say you're
    and you laugh and i laugh
    too because
    we can shout under this complete
    cone of silence while the garbage truck