Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27

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  1. I disobeyed the prompt, because I haven't done the animals poem yet:

    There’s a war here on the two
    Fences— my neighbor’s and mine — between the squirrels and
    The birds.
    It’s been going on for days.
    The two squirrels — one big one little
    Mount an attack on a tree — why?
    No idea. There’s some weird fruit maybe
    Or maybe it’s existential — the tree is THERE
    And therefore we must attack it and the bird
    What kind? No idea, I am a city person and this
    Is a city poem so get off my neck about sub-species
    And breeds — so anyhow the bird flies after them
    Attacking and flapping and pecking til they both
    Run back across the fences and hide under the part
    Of the roof that is higher, and so makes a little
    Bomb shelter for them. I feel sorry for the squirrels at
    First but they recover from the pecking and they crawl
    Back along the fence to attack the tree again. They
    Look like soldiers, they are soldiers on a mission
    And I wonder if there’s any way out of this — attacks and counter
    Attacks and the wounded licking their tails under buildings.
    I wonder if my neighbor notices. Probably not.
    Since his wife left him, he isn’t home much. I see him
    At the coffee shop with other neighbors whom I
    Recognize but don’t know personally. I never
    Heard them fighting, but one time I heard her
    Orgasming alone with the windows open. He
    Had gone to work. Just her car in the garage.
    It sounded happy. She was glad I think to finally
    Have a moment of