Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 3


  1. Rascal

    The visit to my sister's
    was unforgettable
    She had her own
    place in the
    borders of the city
    and there was a P.O.
    at the corner with
    a stop sign outside
    the front porch

    Her dog got out and
    was hit by a car
    passing by
    The yelp was all
    I heard as she
    saw the dog
    scrape around
    the turning
    wheel as the
    car drove off

    The only thing
    that happened to
    the dog that dark
    cold evening was a
    bit of skin was
    taken off of the nose

    As she was holding the
    dog and putting medicine
    on her nose
    The dog took a
    swipe at me
    not knowing
    I was there to
    hold her still
    and help

    The wound was
    superficial on me
    and the dog
    as I exclaimed
    "how did the dog get
    run over and not get
    We were in shock as
    to how it occurred and
    so my sister bandaged
    my hand and the dog
    was named rascal
    for good reason

  2. LA Riots

    One month into my first class of computer school. Evening classes took two months, so I switched to days so I could get it done faster since days took one month. I liked taking one class at a time. I’ve always been super focused - one thing at a time. After my first day class I was riding into LA for night school. My ride had one more month of school.
    The school was on Wilshire near Vermont in Koreatown. Driving up the 110 we heard the verdict of the 4 police officers on the radio - acquitted. We saw about 7 helicopters above Florence and Normandie. At 8 we were sent home from school because of the riot, and we headed North to the 101.
    The next day I drove back to LA for my day class because the riots were over, and at about 11 we were sent home again for the weekend. I drove North again, feeling the heat from the skeleton frame of the apartment building burning, watching the quiet riot of the people looting the stores. I drove home to the rioting and looting in Long Beach and just a 1/2 mile from us at South and Downey.
    The next Monday we were back in school - to an armed camp of National Guard patrolling the streets. Our ancient computers were stolen from the downstairs computer lab, and we laughed at the thieves for stealing the doorstops. We got newer and faster 386 PCs.
    I remembered the Watts riots of almost 30 years earlier, and the frustration and anger of the civil rights era, and wondered if things were really better now, and I wonder even now if we have learned.