Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11

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  1. Being swept up

    Like the marriage
    I was in my wife's
    Being in the
    She was telling
    me what to do
    as I would say
    okay and yes
    to whatever
    I was a person
    Like a bird
    Ready to go
    A homing pigeon
    The police
    was barging in
    through the
    screen door

    The operation
    was a sweep
    during the Christmas
    The objective
    was to rid
    of any terror
    The N.P.A.
    Or new peoples army
    was a threat to the
    countries leadership at
    the time I was there
    And the cousin of my wife
    happened to be a bodyguard
    for the A.B.B.
    Alex Brigario Brigade
    He was known to have ties
    with the NPA and I was in
    the back reading when I
    heard the commotion in
    the front room where
    the cousin was sleeping
    on the couch
    I was swept up
    with the
    rest of them

    My wife was not in the
    city or the house at the
    time and I recall asking
    who were they looking for?
    And the soldier said "do you
    Know who the N.P.A. are?
    I said, "who?" the NPA?
    No I don't know of who
    He believed me
    and I was released
    from custody
    after questioning

    Later, I filed for
    And found myself
    in a
    Sober living
    Was little
    aware of how
    close I came
    to being involved
    with the sweep