Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16

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  1. Shaken

    I was taken

    from my home
    like being pulled out
    by the root

    A stranger on my own

    A lost soul without a roof
    A boy full of joy
    Changing into a man

    Being annulled and void
    shuffled in the plan
    What was the reason

    for this treason

    Like I was meant to walk the plank
    sinking deep as I weep into the
    death of the shark tank

    Not feeling alive

    Dealing with the lies
    as to why I had to go
    was it because I was

    just eating you out of house and home?

    I was meant to be present in this life of strife
    Not misplaced or disgraced by the stabbing with a knife
    I want to be up front and let the emotion tell

    Of the way I was betrayed by the notion all is well

    Nothing could be further from the truth
    Of this wayward son from the fervor of my youth
    I went away to become the man that I am

    The boy I was with the feeling of being lost

    From my house In the way I was cast out
    and torn from my home
    Like a cat without a mouse

    A boy born to roam alone