Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 17

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  1. California the possibly inescapable

    I’ve moved to California twice.
    Moved within California 4 times.

    I’ve lived in Riverside California twice.
    I’ve lived in Orange County once. Once was more than enough.
    I moved within Orange County once.
    I moved to Beverly Hills once.
    I moved to LA once. So far. LA is a vast place, and I feel like I could move there many times and never get through all the neighborhoods, all the cities inside of cities.
    Once when I was a teenager I dreamed of living in Berkeley. Then I saw Berkeley.
    San Francisco is beautiful. But it feels like a snobby version of New York.
    Yes. I just said that.

    My daughter lives in Koreatown. That looks like a cool place to live. But I think I’m too old to live there.
    Same with DTLA. I’m too old for a loft. And LA LIVE looks a bit like the Universal Studios parking lot.

    So now where?
    My husband has moved out of California altogether.
    He says when he lived in Los Angeles he dreamed of living in New York, and then he got there, and I made him move
    Back to California.

    He lives in Washington. He looks at me every morning I’m with him wondering
    When or if I will insist
    On hot winds and palm trees.