Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18

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  1. Thank you for words
    Tongue clacking against teeth
    The tones — all 4 of them
    The ridiculously fancy accent aigu
    The ss set and the umlauted words
    Thanks or should I say danke
    Thanks for words like help and stop
    And don’t and when necessary fuck you
    Thanks for thanks while we’re at it
    Simple and short. Thanks for making me
    Able to speak early, read early despite
    Discouraging words that surrounded me
    Like a nightmare. Thanks for letting me
    Find words of wonder hidden under pillows
    Between the layers of cast off fabrics and inside
    Old perfume bottles
    Thanks for shakespeare and cummings and
    Marge piercey and sylvia plath thanks for
    The words of the brothers and sisters of
    Suffering who refused to be silent.
    Thanks for that, I mean it. Thanks for
    The words of the others that tell me
    I’m not alone so I can speak back to them
    And say you aren’t either. you’re with