Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20


  1. Robert Plant should not wear those too-small shirts
    But that’s past
    Speaking of what shouldn’t be:
    I’m secretly lazy — I LOOK hard working
    But I procrastinate out of fear.
    I need to get out of the fear room
    By just putting one foot out into the possible hallway
    And that would mean just working more consistently in
    The morning — which I hate. Working means writing
    And right now writing certain things scares me. So I’m avoiding by
    Doing other things like writing this poem right now
    Instead of working on a “project” — a big “project”
    Aka a big story. A big novel. A big something. After
    All that therapy, I remain too scared not to be small
    Like those terrible shirts that Robert Plant wore
    Awful. And even worse —
    He was so arrogant about those tiny shirts.
    So I’ve got to get over it — because no-one
    Want to see