Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23


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  2. I lost the formatting but I'll try to recreate it:

    Trump doesn’t mean what he says
    The Lyft driver tells me he’s terrible at public relations
    I don’t know I say he’s seems pretty successful
    But take health care the Lyft driver says
    It’s terrible, it doesn’t work its too expensive these socialist countries like england
    They don’t have the healthcare we have. We can get anything done if we have
    The money, so we need to just get rid of that stupid Obama care right now
    I get what you’re saying I say though I don’t but I’m learning that you
    Can’t convince white people by saying they’re stupid and wrong unless
    You’re that African poet who yelled at my German colleague once
    (That was glorious) but that’s an exception to the rule. So I say
    I used to think that too but my best friend, she’s broke and hasn’t had
    Insurance of years and ObamaCare saved her life and saved her husband’s life and
    They had serious health problems they couldn’t address, so I think you’re wrong
    About this. He was silent, thinking. I don’t know what he
    Decided but I’m hoping for some slippage in the
    Rigidity of his

  3. Either you are for sobriety
    or you are for addiction
    there is no
    middle ground

    I told the AA meeting this
    and some of the old drunks
    shrugged and some of the
    newer alcoholics smirked

    You don't have a black or white
    case someone said
    how long have you been sober
    oh about fifteen years
    then how do you expect
    the younger crowd to get it?

    She reminded me of the serenity
    you can't change
    and God grant me
    the serenity to
    know the difference


  4. Wisdom

    I said yes
    you are right
    as far as
    saving myself

    I cant change
    what I cant change
    but my stand is
    for sobriety

    That is all I am saying
    if I am a narc then I am
    and if you are drinking
    you are not sober

    that contradiction
    always alienates
    me from meetings
    it makes me angry

    While I know sobriety
    takes time and relapse
    is part of the process
    you get it when you get it

    I don't have patients any more
    The drugs and the booze are
    destroying lives
    you are either sober

    or you are in addiction
    your recovery depends on
    who you are and relate to
    do you think I got clean

    Hanging around liquor stores
    or do you think I am not
    a friend to tell you
    No you cant tell me

    you are not going
    to change my mind
    you are either or not
    sober or addict
    clean or not in recovery