Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3

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  1. See Me

    They think I don’t like my vegetables
    Because of my weight
    They think I am lazy
    When really I procrastinate

    They think I don’t like to read
    Because I don’t have a book
    But when I do I get into the thinking
    The reading took

    They think I am crazy
    Because I am a poet
    They say only the lazy are writers
    When they don’t know it

    Takes a lot of time
    And work to figure things out
    A poem is my baby and I plant the
    Seed I am about

    When every poem
    Is a part of who I really am
    A tender care of art and my heart continues
    To demand

    Poetry as I know a tree grows
    From a seed, as I look for things in a different
    Way poetically it seems
    I am a little crazy, but, so is everyone

    To be in this way we forget those things we shun
    Little moments in the middle of the apple or the pear
    The core to being happy and aware
    Of the precious time we have

    Speaking of the now
    To find we are happy
    And laugh somehow
    At how insane we are

    to be of good cheer
    And then to do the opposite
    As we always fear
    It is a contradiction
    And we ultimately fail
    To find we breathe
    And finally see
    Mindfulness prevails