Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 5


  1. The big day

    I wore a green dress on the subway
    We had to stand up because it was Friday
    In May and there were a lot of people going
    To work we were going to
    Get married.
    I stood hanging on to the pole and
    Looked at you thinking I will never
    Be alone any more all my life I’ve
    Felt so frightened and solitary and you are here and we
    Are going to have tuna sandwiches
    From the diner around the corner after
    We get married and we will make love
    In the afternoon — our favorite —
    And then put our clothes back on
    And go out with our witnesses to a tiny
    Restaurant that only seats 14 people and
    We will be packed in together so close
    And so tight and I will wake up the next
    Morning and you will be lying there and
    Be my family.

  2. My A.S. Degree

    I was through
    With algebra
    My last day
    The final
    was over
    It was after
    weeks of cramming
    The grades came
    back after a long wait
    It was either I had
    at last passed the class
    or I would not graduate
    with a degree
    I had taken the class three
    times prior to this last time
    and never was able to pass it
    I either failed or got a withdrawal
    This being the fourth attempt
    was the limit to how many times
    the school allowed you to take
    the course in trying to pass
    I got the news
    I had passed
    with a average
    and was then
    able to
    get the
    Associates degree
    I had worked so hard
    in completing
    The passing of that class
    was a requirement to getting
    the degree
    The only one
    in my family
    to achieve
    a college