Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6

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  1. Morning Breakfast

    I used to go
    to have breakfast
    at the neighborhood
    coffee shop with my
    sister and we would
    see each other once
    a week to have our
    morning fix of eggs
    and bacon or omelet
    with coffee and OJ
    We occasionally
    would invite her
    best girl friend
    or husband to join
    us in our traditional
    weekly breakfast
    One morning we talked
    and had normal conversation
    when the girlfriend said
    I like coming to breakfast
    with you two
    It is fun
    especially when
    you say something
    every time I go
    We would have
    conversations of the week
    about how we were doing
    and what sort of things
    we did that particular
    week we met
    When one morning
    my sister brought me
    an article in a zip lock
    and said, "look what my
    mother in law, gave me,
    out of the Daily News"
    It was an article I
    had written from a few
    weeks ago listed in the
    letter's to the editor
    something about
    the war in Iraq
    and my opinion
    on our being brought
    into the war