Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 7


  1. Reflection

    As I meditate
    In a lucid state
    The black and white
    I have looked at
    over and over
    of my dad and his
    twin brother both
    on a dutch date
    with their college
    My uncle and my aunt
    and my dad and his date
    As I start to imagine
    Why my dad married my mom
    and not the women in the photo
    It was because
    He knocked up
    my mom
    and never was able to marry
    his first true love
    from the picture
    Because she wasn't my mom
    But then a little
    while of reflection
    I realize
    I would have never
    been born if it had
    not have been for my
    dad turning from
    his college sweetheart
    and being led astray
    by my mom
    a mistake
    to change
    his destiny
    into the
    of circumstances
    and not romance

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