Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9


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  2. Why is this such a hard question
    What is your passion? Art, movies,
    Eating, wine, television, trees, relaxing,
    Fashion. Teaching, talking. How far would
    I go to have a decent conversation?
    How much would I spend on my orthodox sister’s
    Wedding gear to look good, but appropriate? A lot.
    Do I need young people? Yes. Do I need to meet
    People very different than me? Always. Perhaps thats
    The answer — the pursuit of difference. Always looking
    For something I haven’t understood, haven’t known. I talked
    Yesterday to a neighbor about quilts and textiles, how she makes
    Art out of fabric and how she wove dog hair once into the
    Design. It came to me, she said.
    Listening to two guys talk about hunting on the shuttle
    From the airport
    On friday. I scoffed at first but when they got to the friend
    Who was a bus driver by day and a meat processor by night
    I stopped laughing, because even meat can be the
    Object of regard, the subject of labor done for