Friday, June 10, 2016

June 10


  1. I waited in the Guff
    A soul with no memories
    Carried on the wind from a sparrow's wing
    You brought me here

    In this gastly world
    Stumbling over my mistakes
    Time stood by and refused to move
    You left me here

    I longed for rest
    A soul with some purpose
    My actions bringing meaning to this place
    You planned for me

    Out of the fog
    A helper came to me
    The other half of my incomplete self
    You finished me

    Time now fleets
    As quickly as a whim
    I know now that i'm a cherished child
    You treasure me

  2. Tree Time

    There is a time
    in the climbing
    of a redwood tree
    where you lose track
    of everything
    From the day to the
    hour to the minute

    It is called tree time
    Where nothing is the same
    not a track
    not a whisper only the
    time it takes
    from you to realize
    you are no longer
    keeping to
    the common
    time you
    are so accustomed to
    You are literally
    lost in your own world

    A real thing they call
    tree time when
    you lose track and
    get to doing the natural
    way of the tree
    swaying in the storms
    and bending in the wind
    not a soul around only
    silence and without a
    timer or a clock or a watch
    it is called
    tree time

  3. Concept map
    Needs and Flow and Use and Dreams
    Space design