Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 12


  1. The clock inside my mind is ticking
    Its gentle alarm sounding off
    I'm settled into the warm indentation
    That's formed in my bed
    My drowsy body must protest
    The day is perfect
    As long as I don't get up
    The world still full of possiblilities
    A fantasy inside my head
    I'm safe in my cocoon
    Serenaded by the chirping birds
    The day will stay perfect
    As long as i don't get up
    I maintain the pristine silence
    For as long as You let me
    Then gently You begin to prod
    Supressing my procrastination
    I rise to Your promises
    The day will be perfect
    All I have to do is get up

  2. Sheets of Light

    The stampede of the masses
    over the fenced yard into
    the Ontario Motor Speedway
    That April of 1978, when I
    crashed through the barrier
    of the California Jam II fences

    the night was a party and a
    sleepless assault on the
    senses until we all passed
    out on the grassy field in
    the middle of the race track
    Waking up to the sound blaring
    from the speakers, playing
    the song by the Beatles
    "Here comes the sun"

    Ironically and simultaneously
    with the first hints of light
    as the streaking sheets peered
    over the cool air of the foothills
    Making the moment of dew beneath
    me with the coldness of the night
    seemingly to be almost over
    With the view of 250,000 people
    gathering that morning
    for the festival of bands to
    play rock and roll all day
    and all night

    The morning light awoke the
    party goers from their stupor
    of the night before with the
    familiar song as it played
    "Little darling, it's been a
    long and lonely winter, Little
    darling, it's been a year since
    it's been here. "here comes the
    sun, do, do, do do, here comes the
    sun, and I say, "It's alright!"

    As the faces are lit by the
    streaking sunrise of sunlight
    capturing the moment ablaze with
    the basking of "It's alright,
    The first band was hours away
    and the party was an alnighter
    to the glory of the sun the day
    had just begun

  3. Dawn bliss?

    You must be kidding
    Dawn bliss is an accident
    That happened just once.

  4. Purple clouds
    Dance on the highway ribbon of
    Desert dawn