Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13


  1. I'm trapped in this flesh papoose
    Swaddled in a finite space
    My true self weaved together with bones and nerves
    I look on through these eyes
    In the tower of my skin prison
    Able to move freely
    Though my ball and chain is always close
    But I have joy in my heart
    I know my sentence is life
    But my pardon is eternal
    Mine and so many others
    We count the days with anticipation
    Til the jailers are overrun
    And our souls set free
    Until we are rescued and returned to Heaven
    We will walk in the space
    Where the earth touches the sky

  2. lunchtime tv

    An absolutely anti-utilitarian trick:
    The screen comes on and it’s — you won’t believe this—
    Not even dark out!
    Not even close.
    Such silly shows. But wait-
    Now there’s netflix and on demand
    I can watch The Late Show during the DAY,
    I can watch Fassbinder while eating
    A sandwich.
    I know.
    My husband remembers watching
    Queen For A Day when he was 4
    He’d eat his spaghettios and watch
    The ladies get crowned and cry
    So much transformation and it wasn’t
    Even 2 pm!
    Now we sit and dream of impracticalities
    Masking as infomercials, and then we
    Get utopian: What about
    Washing machines that cleanse the owner
    Of pain?
    Judge Judy bans assault rifles and
    Sentences all of congress to clean up
    Cafeterias at a local school.
    Soap operas that will lead eventually into
    Rainbow marriages between all the actors,
    As we wax our floors into immortality
    Buffing away death which slips away under the shine
    Of the screen that opens up, becomes us, becomes the
    World -- high def, infinitely replayable, xfinitized, so you can fast forward
    Though the boring
    Parts, and then read about it all

  3. Sink dishes
    Wash themselves in between time
    Start again.