Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 18


  1. Swipe dog gear from the hook
    Lumber down crickety stairs
    Pass the farmer’s field
    To Appalachian wood.

    She’s off to track the scent
    As I walk a swinging pace
    Brushing leaves under foot
    As Sunbeams drip down.

    The woods now open up
    Deer stop, brown eyes alert
    No open hunt yet
    Still alone, and safe.

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  3. Coffee shop

    Some sit alone
    Some sit with another

    Coffee for one
    Is how I come

    As I long
    Not to bother

    Nose in my own business
    Nobody but myself

    With the ear buds in my ears
    Playing rock and roll disclosing

    Into my notebook of all my bliss
    Displaying in the alone time outside

    Not in conversation like so many others
    Alone in my observation as I love to

    Look up from my work at times to see
    The passer by's not with a clue at

    What I am doing
    Thinking about nothing

    In my lonely state brewing
    Letting my coffee get mild

    As the tables fill around me
    One couple to the left and one

    Behind me wondering if I am alone
    or am waiting for somebody

    As the couple to my left just left
    In the corner writing

    My thoughts out in a book
    Not looking up from the pages

    To take one more look at the crowd
    Appearing one by one to use the restroom

    As they go and come my heart consoles
    and yearns a desire for some company

    As I fantasize a companion to return
    and sit where I have her chair reserved

    For her next to me
    Wanting to express

    My happiness as she
    Continues to read

    I touch her
    With an outstretched

    hand as she and I understand
    Socialization is a game

    They come and they go
    As it is all the same

    Isolation is a frustration
    And must not exist

    in the land of happiness
    Understanding this bliss