Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 22


  1. City Council Meeting

    Support the effort
    Approach the podium and speak
    What are they talking about
    I rearrange my points
    That don’t make sense
    I’ll sound stupid
    I'll sit back
    As others
    Share story.

    It’s midnight now
    And crowds have left.
    They pull the council switch
    They bring up, the real issue
    With one sided points
    And now
    I’m mad.

    I get in line
    Who knows what I’ll say
    I fight belligerence
    I’m up next
    I go with gut
    I'm doing ok
    But time to end
    I ram my concluding statement
    With crescendo power.

    They’re stunned
    It was good.

  2. On top of Mt. Baldy

    The snow exquisite
    The fall was powder
    All night long as the
    Thunder cat rolled over
    the moguls making the run
    for the early start as the
    snow still lightly falls down
    into the face and onto the sides
    wondering if I can still ski
    since it has been so long
    from the time I worked up
    here at the bottom of lift #2

    I came up without the equipment
    which was a big mistake
    The lodge was full
    As I headed for the rentals
    Not much to choose from
    besides loose fitting
    boots and tweaked out
    My knees would have to
    be stronger than they were
    since to ski you have to use
    your legs and bend with fluid
    motion as you cross and zag
    down the slope

    My last run as I wasn't going
    to miss this one
    Always reserving my nerve
    for the steepest run
    As I used my legs and
    bounced the back of the
    skies back and forth
    I said to myself
    I am skiing
    I'm skiing!!
    I finally got it from side to side
    always turning with a ease and not
    a struggle to flip back across
    traversing the slope
    all on the edges of the
    down hill ski
    It is a thrill to finally get it!
    The way I use to be was afraid to
    go for it and just do it
    But now it is with the
    ease of knowing how
    as I go down the
    mountain without falling
    but moving
    without thinking
    all in one motion