Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 25

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  1. I’m her buddy this minute.
    It benefits me
    She’s right on my issue.
    The eye are direct and soft
    Our gaze is straight.

    Now the opponent steps on stage
    She giggles and caters, I swirm,
    A snarl inside me boils
    Their word cushions play
    Indignant. I disagree.

    I approach the podium
    I saunter into speech
    Her head diverts
    she stretches and
    squelches a yawn
    My creshendo builds
    Swashbuckling slash her phrase
    Eyes meet in vacant glare.

    I think I’ll make a run
    For her fancy seat
    She’ll strike out to kill
    If she loses,
    She’ll lose her dream.
    Her ambition. Her hope.
    I’d walk on.