Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27


  1. Life as a Sport

    Football or baseball
    Or any sport as a whole

    Has greater meaning than
    the game itself

    It has a spiritual concept
    or significance

    One of emotions as in life
    With mistakes and setbacks

    Such as penalties and errors
    with some goals, runs, hits

    And achievements
    Like with first downs

    Opportunities to score
    As well as injuries

    Or disabilities to be sidelined
    and put on the list for rehabilitation

    Like baseball
    Life can be an upset with

    A player batting less than
    a 300 batting average and still

    Be a successful hitter
    As in football you can

    Fumble or throw an interception
    And go for three downs and punt

    Without scoring or getting a first down
    While in the next series of plays

    Throw several completions and get some
    Running yardage and do just the opposite

    As the last possession of plays
    So you can ultimately score

    Scoring is the object to any sport
    And to score in life is to keep trying

  2. Dreams of bliss

    I want to arrest my judgement
    I want to skip the vortex wave.
    I want to listen when you are talking.
    I want to see your eyes
    If you invite me.

    I want to show up to commitments
    I want to cradle peace chants
    I want to war on brain cell cement
    I want to rubber band my fear.