Friday, June 3, 2016

June 3


  1. We have noticed that there’s a snake
    In every garden. Everywhere we go
    There’s that one person who spoils
    The eden we almost live in — that
    Paradise we almost taste. This one
    Person — it’s a man for him, a woman
    For me — is the snake. The invader, the
    Trickster, the adversary. We will hate them

    “Have you noticed that this happens to us
    Every time we move: every town we decide to
    Live in and
    every new social circle we
    Enter?” I asked him.
    “How depressing,” he said
    “What’s worse” I said “is considering the
    Common denominator in all these spaces.”

    “Which is?”


    1. Love when you say "spoils the Eden we almost live in"

  2. He's there when the car breaks down
    When the bills are late
    And i'm so tired, i can't see straight

    He's there when i get sick
    When someone starts a fight
    And i'm so worried i can't sleep at night

    He's there when i lose my cool
    When the doubt sets in
    And my head starts to spin

    He's there when things go wrong
    The harder i pray
    The more he wants to stay

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  4. Temptation that Threatens my Bliss-
    A Triple Haiku.

    Having sex with girls
    Is much different than with men.
    Thrilling, gentle, wet

    The need to lick them
    Touch them how only I can.
    Yet I love a man.

    Men dominate, rule
    They satisfy and conquer.
    I miss female lust.

  5. Enemy of Bliss

    Whirlwind anger
    Tornado sly
    You distract
    My love
    Now buttered slick
    Slips away
    Blinded by your rush
    As you crush
    My necklace
    Of native pearl.

  6. What keeps me?

    Is a place I like to stay
    Richness in the heart and mind
    My soul stands taller if a peace
    Invades my life
    And with the
    Luxury of being serene
    In my own diligence towards
    A true direction I can use the
    Compass to further my path
    Into the nurturing
    Of my own happiness as
    I wait on my bliss
    But, what keeps me
    From achieving my
    Acceptance, my love…
    My acts of kindness
    My treating of others
    As I would want them
    To treat me?
    It is the
    Of not knowing
    If I were to die
    What is it that keeps me
    Holding on
    To what I know is inevitable
    It is a fear
    Of the unknown
    Nobody can know
    When pages from sages
    Have whispered the words glad
    To have knowledge
    What keeps me holding on?
    To a reality I knew nothing of
    Except a painful memory
    Of when youth met man
    And understood the consequences
    Of behavior
    Choices of importance
    Resilience of a faith
    In the virtues of our existence
    Where has this bliss disappeared
    Is it with the rain never to wash away
    The pain, is it with the earth never to
    Shake reality into our senses?
    Security of this is my bliss
    Let the earth shake
    And wash away the tears
    Of my years with undaunted fear
    The truth of what is in my heart
    Speaks the volumes without a word
    A sense of knowing
    Like what the old man
    And his wisdom would have measured
    Against the doubts of the lofty pursuits
    Like of his son Icaris
    Flying high, only to come crashing
    Down as if he were to scream
    “I knew and I know now!”
    But I am no longer
    Able to see
    The passions
    Of my rebellion!