Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5


  1. Two things

    First thing:
    The coffee
    That I made this morning:
    Caramel colored and
    So strong I’ve had
    To add water to the usual ratio. 3 scoops
    Makes 4 and a half cups —
    That extra 4 oz. feels like a big

    Second thing:
    The lavender I planted
    Last september.
    It sat in the ground
    And then suddenly
    Became enormous
    Bloomed and keeps on
    Blooming. And growing.

    The grandmother in Silko’s
    Novel about a garden, names all her plants.
    What should I call this lavender monster?

    Also —

    I’d forgotten that purple
    Is my favorite color
    Green my second favorite.
    So I drink my coffee and
    Look out at the grass
    With its perfect mixture
    And think about
    For my newest family

  2. It fell out of its nest days ago
    One fledgling in a million
    It wouldn't be missed
    Cats come and go every night
    The heat of sun beats down every day
    Yet still the fledgling pushes on
    Mother comes with tastey bits
    Because it was missed
    One fledgling in a million
    But loved

  3. Whisker wires
    Muffy fur sheds white
    Purring soft