Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6


  1. Platforms

    I am standing waiting for the subway
    To go home from work. I have a job
    I am teaching at rutgers thanks to
    A phone call an acquaintance made
    To the french department from
    A phone booth on my behalf.
    I’m holding a cheap briefcase
    And waiting for the train. That
    Feeling of waiting to move from
    One space to the other — one
    Of my favorites. And knowing there
    Is work on one end of it and you
    On the other. I still feel that when
    I stand at the gate at the airport
    Or when I wait for any sort of
    Train after a reading. Knowing
    I shared something of what I know
    And it mattered and then waiting
    For mass transit to take me home.
    Feeling that balance between public
    And private. I’m a tightrope walker
    But it’s not dangerous, or if it is,
    The height feels

  2. Learning
    More more more
    Keeping an open mind in order to receive the lessons this earth urges me to learn.
    I enjoy it.
    I enjoy the late night studying and the mixed feelings as an exam is passed out.
    Feelings of confidence and anxiety.
    When I find I've done well, it's a rush of pride that nothing else delivers.
    The accomplishment that comes from taking on uncharted subjects transpires into a deep bliss.
    More knowledge more understanding more questioning.
    What more could I want?
    So the choice is made-
    Continue doing this because this is what I love. Learning is what empowers me as a woman and a thinker.
    I am a philosopher, an activist, an idealist.

  3. No matter what i lose
    Or pain i feel
    No matter the sorrow
    Or worry
    Or fear
    No matter the lies i'm told
    Or the mocking laughter
    I am a part of His great plan
    My legacy is secure

  4. Broken pieces
    Phillips head slips into place
    Puzzle solved.