Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7


  1. Jails, institutions and death.
    What a way to appreciate the life you are a part of.
    Eight months in the Orange County jail
    No rights no freedoms
    No windows.
    You surrender your sense of self just to keep your sanity.
    I'm not exaggerating.
    Jails mixed with a few visits to the psych ward And now my view of the small things is changed.
    The smells of the street
    The clouds that my head used to occupy.
    Mental hospitals seem to buzz in the same way.
    Filled with poor lost souls who have forgotten how to be normal,
    And "doctors" who don't give a shit.
    Loss, trauma, tragedy, and the precious gift of a child.
    All have drastically changed me.
    Stolen what was left of my innocence.
    And yet, I sit here today,
    More grateful and serene than ever.
    This road I've taken to find my happiness
    Has been uniquely paved.

  2. The violin drifted toward Heaven
    Its lonely voice reaching
    Reaching for God
    The melody penetrated my very being
    Its haunting tune searching
    Searching my soul
    The music filled the church rafters
    Its perfect meaning lifting
    Lifting my spirit
    The feather-like tune opened my eyes
    Its perfect joy showing
    Showing me Grace
    The violin silenced my fears
    Its loving touch holding
    Holding my heart

  3. Dreams splinter
    Soft Fur settles on my neck
    Purr drum beats