Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8


  1. Sex Offering

    Raw fruition
    Sensation euphoric
    All positions a temptation
    As you are for it

    Friction addiction
    A resurrection of
    Desire on fire
    With sexual direction

    The taste of her face
    Is with smoke in her mouth
    Her buttocks round
    As luck runs south

    The tingle of the blood coursing
    With a pulse
    Mingling love as lust
    Is forced

    And the intercourse is the
    Choice to voice
    As sinners rejoice in
    The noise with moist

    Slapping happening in unison
    Gladly laughing to do it with some
    Precision in the decision to thrust
    And must be in a position to trust

    As we move to smooth rhythm
    Like a swing
    Back and forth
    Like a hand saw

    As it cleans the dust from the teeth and cuts at will
    To the lust between the sheets with a suck and a thrill
    The mountain is a molehill as we make the climb into
    The passions of the top to shake and find

    A mountain before us with the crest to fulfill the journey to yearning
    A climax until we go off the edge and fall
    To the ground
    In exaltation exhilarating sounds

    As movement is soon
    To stop and breathe
    With the two of us finished
    In the offering

  2. GRANT

    Psychedelic rock
    Bong tokes, surfing, late night shows
    I miss you dearly.

    Most things remind me
    Of you, big bro. It's hard to
    Believe you took your own life.

    There will never be
    Another human like you.
    Music takes me back.

  3. I forgot i was saved
    I forgot i was loved
    Then i prayed
    I let go of the comfort
    I let go of the Grace
    Then i prayed
    I forgot His promise
    I forgot His Mercy
    Then i prayed
    I let go of the covenant
    I let go of the victory
    I forgot i was beloved
    I forgot i was chosen
    Then i prayed

  4. Woodland walk
    Dew gathered violets as
    Auntie sings