Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 9


  1. It was always about me
    What i could get
    Who i could be
    Where i could go
    All me, never He
    It was always my turn
    You stand aside
    You I will burn
    You do without
    All me, never learn
    It was always my stage
    My night to shine
    My coming of age
    My special need
    All me, my cage
    It was always my tone
    A darkness within
    A heart made of stone
    A fortress I built
    All me, all alone

  2. Stuck in the moment

    How did you get it?
    I found it
    Who sold you the pot?
    I can't say
    Who was it?
    I don't know
    Who gave it to you?
    It was a friend
    What was the name?!
    It was time and I gave him up
    I ran away from my dad's at midnight
    as I jumped out the bedroom window
    and ran as fast as my legs would
    carry me
    Running away from my problems
    Through the pear orchard to the
    outskirts of town where my mom
    came to get me
    Only to escape to
    a youth confused
    with pot smoking
    and partying
    I ran
    never to return
    To the father son
    perfect relationship
    only to have it
    Forever severed
    never again
    the same
    as it once was

  3. Child outgrown
    They need to live their own
    Mom alone