Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15

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  1. After Edgar
    Allen Poe's
    Annabel Lee

    A Better Man

    In my heart, in my soul
    I want you to be in
    My dreams to hold

    And be close to kiss
    As I miss your lips on mine
    Your love is enough to
    Rise above the divine

    But the longer I bear the unfair weather
    Of your loss to be tossed where we are
    No longer together

    I must admit the remorse
    And pain is in losing you
    Through divorce and shame
    We two ensue
    My lies realize I am giving you
    The same pain that remains
    In my eyes of blue

    As I wish the best for you
    I can never find anyone so dear
    As you sweet Allison
    My all is in the years

    We had had as the sad
    Is seemingly clear
    I wish I remained the man who could
    Have endeared
    Besides being the creep keeping you in fear

    And then pretend in the end to be your friend
    as we hope to cope and ascend the condemned

    Besides being the cheat I created and then
    Repeat the deceit frustrated again

    As I would like you to believe
    In me like we once were
    As we both saw in the man
    Who could be deserved

    Instead of the man who never
    Endeavored love
    The man who never was the person
    To speak of

    the sorrow in tomorrow
    And committment to resolve
    When I find in time I am
    A better man involved

    To improve as you see me
    As a friend
    Endeavoring to never
    Break your heart again