Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 24


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  1. Smile Awhile

    To smile is the way to live
    Enjoying the time while you give
    Attention to happiness
    Letting it go in your mind
    To get it right without a fight
    And make the pain of rain find
    Courageous smiles
    With miles of gratitude
    As the pain on your face
    Chases the attitude
    To break the chains making
    The change to have fun
    Without silence you have
    License to forsake and become
    A life paying the price
    Of strife to explore
    Laughing by having
    Satisfaction restored
    In your voice and choice
    Of calm in your palm
    And the greens
    Blues and gold dawn
    With it in your head
    As you think you can hold
    Happiness and joy beautiful
    With a style all the while
    Like a smile on your face
    Turning the rainbow
    Upside down as the
    Frown is replaced