Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5

Ad Marginem


  1. The eye of the storm is calm
    Its where my perverted sense of normal resides
    Where I fool myself in thinking
    That my hard work will all be worth it
    Instead the twister rages
    Sucking in my energy
    My money
    My time
    It pushes out my dreams
    Launching them like playing cards through a wall
    Making the possible impossible
    It uproots my aspirations
    And pushes them to the edge of myelf
    Out of reach
    In the margins
    Meant to be forgotten
    Work and save
    March in time
    Don't try to think
    The monotonous life
    In the eye of the storm
    But little does the twister know
    That I ride the wild wind
    My back is strong
    And the calluses on my resolve are thick
    I will look the eye of the storm in the eye
    And smile
    For I know
    Twisters can take you to Oz

    1. "Twisters can take you to Oz" is a FANTASTIC line!