Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 1

Letter to Yourself in the Future, Past or Both


  1. Dear Laura 2036:

    Move and move some more, move your legs and hips
    knees and ankles, toes and fingers, wiggle and bend.

    Do not freeze in place, save yourself from becoming
    that troll princess shining bright that Marysia writes of,
    avoid looking at Medusa’s steel face ringed with snakes,
    resist laughing at Zeus’s administrative edicts,
    don’t touch yourself and turn into gold.

    Instead, move along with the lines of music,
    dance to poems, clap with hammering,
    wriggle your fingers in fingerpaints and
    paint a message embracing the future.

    Speak into your computer and laugh at its words.
    Above all, move, move, move.

    Laura 2016

  2. Jeanne: Letter to myself. 20 years ago.

    Dear Me 2016

    Your life is more than living
    For others
    You do not have to tiptoe
    In the background
    To survive.
    You do not have to be good
    To be loved
    You will not be abandoned.
    Experience is not lived
    In your head
    There is a body in your cave
    That knows to feel, to touch
    To be held.

    Before stardust burst
    Into your soul
    Before single celled microbes
    Learned interaction
    Before fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals
    Learned to play
    Before the galaxies warped space and time
    I was for you, alongside you,
    And with you.

    But you are turmoil
    Brake slammed

    Sit quietly
    On occasion
    Do not be afraid
    That you will suffocate
    I am breath that breathes the stars
    Do not be afraid that you will die
    Life is more than life
    Do not be afraid that you will be
    I am all of you
    I love best
    And broken.