Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10

All month, we're writing poetic letters!


  1. Dear Georgie,

    I am sure
    you think
    You did the right

    Not a lie
    Just a person
    who wanted the best
    for the rest of us

    By doing what you wanted
    Your dad to be proud of
    You for

    As I shake my head in sarcasm
    Playing the devil's advocate
    It is true to believe it all
    If I were to compare you to
    To say it blunt
    Even Hitler thought he
    was right!

    And to end the tale in
    your smug way you said
    I would not have changed
    a thing if I knew then
    what I know now.

    I would do it the same way
    all over again if I could
    9-11 is all you had said
    to justify the world
    around you

    Stinking of oil
    and the
    Noise of

  2. Dear Hillary Clinton,

    I am suffering with you as the other party
    paints you scarlet, letters you with Hester’s A
    Not the sort of A you received at Wellesley
    or Yale, but the sort with which Bill was branded
    when he was impeached as President.

    I see the photographs of you as a student,
    your passion to make the world safe for children
    already shining from your eyes.
    You were spoiling for a battle
    enlisted in just causes, spear at the ready.
    “Save that child.” Later you realized
    it took a village to save her and so
    in your spare time you wrote a book.

    Generally politicians put on airs and graces
    like gloves or galoshes, extra pieces not
    necessary to the whole but useful at the moment.
    Underneath, when you get to know the man,
    he is by no means kind, courageous, or steadfast.
    You are the opposite. Today’s GOP vilifies you,
    says you lack all virtue, plans to clap you in jail
    for offenses others have investigated and found
    trivial or easily understood, not malevolent.
    But those who know you well, your coworkers
    say you care deeply about them, about all mothers
    and children, about this country, and that you
    show it both in large ways and in small.

    I remember experiences when people lied about
    what I was doing. One even said, in a faculty meeting
    that I was evil. Those arrows didn’t slide off
    harmlessly and I am sure the same is true of you.
    You’d like to be seen for who you are, not
    vilified for the glory of the opposition.
    Once, before you ran for President, you and Bill
    were held up as amazing business-friendly
    pols, people who could talk with and negotiate with
    anyone, even Republicans in the US Congressional halls.
    But the convenience of the Republicans, their usage
    of words of appreciation, ended when you jumped
    ahead of their candidate in the polls.

    Now nothing would make them say anything
    positive about you. Of course, you are the same
    person you always were underneath. But
    with more arrows, still remembering those
    you hope to serve, so
    the pain is worth bearing.

    Thank you for your service, Hillary. You have
    my vote for what it’s worth, and you
    have my confidence as well. I hope
    I celebrate the first woman president
    on November 8, 2016, President Clinton.