Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17

All month, we're writing poetic letters!

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  1. Dear blue fringed scarf,

    When I was cold in Denver
    I found you in the hotel shop
    loved the light blue color
    found the low price amazing
    and you kept me warm in
    the icy blast of air conditioned
    meeting rooms and crowded
    restaurants with steaks and corn
    to share with people from Florida
    Texas and Denver in packed booths.

    Up the Loveland Pass and on to Breckenridge
    you warmed my arms and back in
    mountain winter, passing blue sky lakes and
    snow patches in early fall, still white and smooth.
    And aspens in the last of their golden pennies plus
    sad aspens with no life left, victims of beetles
    with only close-packed trunks to tell where
    golden leafy branches ought to be.
    Still the dark green firs and the blue-green
    spruces stood in serried ranks on hillsides
    Surrounding the aspens, living and dead.
    Thank you for cheering me up when
    dead aspen made my eyes water.

    I brought you home to LA, thinking that
    you’d be a warm memory, no more, but
    the air conditioning at home made me
    only too glad of your warm acrylic embrace
    covering my back, my arms, my chest
    and shining blue like the mountain lakes
    in Colorado, where you came from.
    Best friend of all my clothing,
    your soft, warm touch makes me happy.