Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19

We're writing poetic letters all month long!

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  1. Dear Senorita Foster,
    You taught so many of us
    five classes of thirty students each year
    all fulfilling a requirement or
    checking off an admissions box
    many jeering at your weight
    while you tried so hard to show us
    how beautiful is the Spanish language,
    the glories of Picasso and Goya,
    the tapas and the paella to eat
    Madrid and Barcelona and Cadiz.

    But what we remembered best
    was the melting buildings of Gaudi
    especially the unfinished cathedral
    still not complete today and still
    blurring and blending into its lower
    parts, sinking downward with only
    curved lines, tired of the struggle of
    standing upright under the onslaught
    of gravity and disinterest.

    your student,