Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2

We're writing poem letters all month.

Today, you write a letter to your bully!

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  1. Dear Cliffie:
    How cruel you are, knifelike words at the ready

    Don’t you have any full skirts?
    I’ve been taking piano for ten years,
    how can you take the competitive tests
    with only two years of lessons?

    Why try to play ball at recess?
    You’ll just mess it up for everyone else
    trying to play on the team with you.
    Why can’t you be more like Queenie?

    Because I don’t like Queenie or you,
    Cliffie, and would never want to be
    like you in any tiny way at all.

    I might be crying, you will not see
    because for you I give no satisfaction,
    only my back walking away.