Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 20

All this month, we're writing poetic letters!

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  1. Dear Wonder Woman,

    Lynda Carter played you on television
    and enthralled my son who asked
    for a Wonder Woman doll for Christmas.
    William and Elizabeth Moulton who created you
    had feminists in mind and worried
    that the weakness of women might make
    their outstanding virtues of kindness and
    gentleness derisory and unwelcome to
    today’s women. Their solution was you,
    a woman with both strength and a woman’s
    classical virtues, a “having it all” mixture
    of submissive and assertive behavior
    both beautiful and vulnerable
    with great gifts of strength to overcome
    the villains you encounter in life.
    I am glad that you were the first woman
    my son admired, and glad that you
    always had a streak of kindness and
    a bump of empathy under the protective
    wrist bands and tiara symbolizing
    your necessary overwhelming strength.

    I salute you,