Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25

We're writing poetic letters this month! 

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  1. Dear snarky old man,

    How you rushed to see
    if my baby was alright after
    the blue car coming down Lake
    ran into the side of my car.

    What you didn’t know was
    your hesitation, starting and stopping
    several times, probably caused
    the accident. It wasn’t possible
    for the blue car driver to know
    when I was going to turn onto
    Lake and go downhill because
    I was waiting to see what you
    were going to do. Okay, that
    means I caused it, but you
    were my reason or excuse.

    The AAA said the nice
    young man in the blue car was
    at fault because he had the last
    chance to stop before the crash.
    You snarled at me when I said
    I was waiting for you. “Don’t try
    to involve me in your own
    stupidity,” you said. I try to let
    your concern for Heather
    drown that out.