Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26

We're writing poetic letters this month!

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  1. Dear Mom,
    I hope you know how much
    I appreciated your example
    and your thoughtfulness when
    I was growing up and thought
    dad hung the moon and you
    might have pasted up a star or
    two. You knew how to say no.
    Many times I’ve said no with
    a silent prayer of thanks to you.

    Everyone at your retirement home
    knew and loved you, and your
    concern for them was strong.
    You wrote a letter to me every week
    until you couldn’t see any longer.
    I wouldn’t admit how much
    I counted on those letters for
    years afterwards, but then I
    wrote to you every week for the
    last few years of your life.

    Jeanie and I knew when you
    felt good because you stood up
    for yourself then. When you
    suffered quietly, refusing to take
    any painkillers, you were easygoing
    and very unlike our images of mom.
    “She told the beauty shop lady
    to rinse her hair again because it
    was still soapy and she could hear
    the bubbles popping, “ Jean reported
    once, and we chorused “Hooray!”

    I remember your story about
    fundraising for the League of Women
    Voters among the rich men of
    Charlotte. They told you, “I’m no woman.
    Why should I give to your group?”
    You were ready with a short but pithy
    description of the election flyers and
    public forums that they held for everyone
    each time there was an election.
    You got the money.
    “You never get what
    you don’t ask for,” she told me.
    I used that advice many times.

    I hope you have delicious food,
    pretty clothes and comfy shoes,
    kind friends, a good hairdresser,
    and feel sure of how much
    Jean and I love you and miss you,
    sweet Mama.