Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3

We're writing poetic letters all month.

Today, we writing letters to people we have bullied.

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  1. Dear Jean:
    Just because I was five years older than you
    Just because I thought you were my doll
    Just because you were content with nothing
    With paper flowers I traded you for a doll,
    with a paper fan I gave you for your turn
    on the picture pony touring the neighborhood,
    I took almost everything you had.

    No matter how well Mom tried to protect you
    I could find a way to convince you that mine was better,
    that you would trade with me if you had any sense.
    Recently I asked you to forgive me
    for all the bad treatment. You were shocked.

    “But you were my hero. You saved me
    when I had to jump out on the haystack
    after Dougal locked us in the barn.
    I might have stayed upstairs in that barn
    forever if you hadn’t jumped out first
    and caught me when I jumped down.”

    Thank you, my dear sister, for your
    blessed selective memory