Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 30

All month, we're writing poetic letters.

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  1. Dear Mike,

    I am grateful for you
    your secret smile when I
    ask for lobster burritos and
    then thank you for shrimp,
    the way you fix something and
    keep quiet about it so it appears
    in my life at some point like
    a sequin on a dying orange peel,
    the way you take care of Bishop
    Peter when he won’t ask for help,
    too many reasons to be thankful.

    The way you push my wheelchair so
    I won’t hit the angled slabs of
    concrete where the tree roots
    grew on the way to the car,
    the way you make my breakfast
    and hot coffee so early each day
    the little smile you get when we
    know something’s funny but no one
    else would get it, your addiction
    to weird and wonderful kinds of
    Oreos and how you got Sammy
    hooked on them too.

    The way you can explain
    my moods to Heather
    so she can still love me when
    I’m under a black cloud, the
    special presents you find with
    the most beautiful cranes or herons
    on them or in them, all of those
    things make me grateful for you,
    named for an archangel with
    perfect match of name and
    person, thank you, Michael.