Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 4

This month we're writing poetic letters!


  1. Dear Dad:
    You were the person who could do it all,
    strong enough to walk all day
    able to make wooden furniture and toys,
    smart enough to work my math problems
    savvy about how to get along with others
    mostly by bending, not fighting.

    Kind and gentle to me but
    powerful enough to throw that skillet
    through the dining room window
    when you lost your temper.
    You built my swing and a false fireplace
    and mantel for Santa for me
    when I was five years old.

    I’d ask you anything but you
    always tried to send me to Mom
    for English and music questions.
    I didn’t learn to admire Mom for
    ten more years. I demanded that you
    answer my questions, no matter what.

    1. I really love this poem! I think the part about the mother is so powerful too. She's just hinted at but really powerfully.